Workshop "Be creative"

Today we are all under a lot of pressure, keeping Deadlines, be at meeings and find it often hard to be the master of our own time. Being available all weekend for your boss or your clients used to be a sign for being successful, where nowadays we read more and more about tips for a better Work-Life Balance.


But how exactly do I accomplish that? In this workshop I share my experience from twelve years being self-employed and want to inspire to let more creativity and passion in your (professional) life. How can we create a space where professional and private projects can be combined to a meaningful and rewarding experience? How can we discover our own creativity and incorporate it into our daily life?

  • Manage your time with passion
  • Discover and integrate creativity in your job
  • Relaxing, enjoying success, be the master of your time - experiences possible by being creative
  • Discover and use your creative potential!
  • Manage incoming information - filter, limit, keep at bay, use chances
  • Choose modern technology to serve you and stop it from ruling your day

An informative and rich workshopo full of creative ideas for your job!


Methods: Input, discussion, hands-on activities, group work

Format: 4 hours on a Saturday (10:00-14:00) or by arrangement

Dates: By arrangement

Price: Please enquire for a detailed quote

Language: English or German

No of participants: 6-10

Location: In your company, your facility or by arrangement.

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“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”
"Das Gehirn ist nicht nur ein Gefäß, das gefüllt werden muss, sondern ein Feuer, das gezündet werden will."