Workshop "Acting  with Confidence"

Especially in a professional environment your "acting" is a key role in your performance. Whenever you stand in front of an audience, people will not just hear you (and your language performance), but also see you. This is a great chance to influence the success of your performance, because it is a key element how you move and act, how you handle your nervousness and whether you can answer awkward questions or verbal abuse professional. This is true for all situations, in which you are in the spotlight, e.g.:

  • A job interview, even in a foreign language
  • Manage a  presentation or a talk with awkward interruption
  • A business meeting with people from other cultures
  • Performance Reviews
  • Manage a team or host a meeting
  • Pitch an idea or a project and answer questions

Get used to feeling comfortable and safe in every situation - act confidently. Enjoy a lively workshop that will change your act in every situation.


This workshop combines elements of communication (Kyra) and acting (Actress and coach Steffi (visit her here), to help participants to master every difficult situation professionally. We prepare you with fun, empathy and different methods for any of those situations and you will be more relaxed facing them.


Methods: Input, discussion, hands-on activities, group work

Format: 4 hours on a Saturday (10:00-14:00) or by arrangement

Dates: By arrangement

Price: Please enquire for a detailed quote

Language: English or German

No of participants: 6-10

Location: In your company, your facility or by arrangement.



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“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”
"Das Gehirn ist nicht nur ein Gefäß, das gefüllt werden muss, sondern ein Feuer, das gezündet werden will."