As we can't train in-company at the moment, I am offering webinars via Zoom. To do that professionally, I have revised my content to fit remote teaching; you will be surprised how much is possible online as well!

You can choose one of my prepared formats or we can discuss an individual webinar just for your company.

Professional training in the context of language and communication. Benefit from expert knowledge combined with years of experience and enjoy a webinar with input, group work and fun.


After getting used to the camera with Zoom and Webex, thinking about tutorial production was kind of an obvious next step. In fact, it's not just getting used to the camera, it's also learning how to edit videos and about sound and light technology. Bit by bit I am now producing popular content on 45-min. video, which you can then purchase here on my website (I am also thinking about online learning platforms) and also produce free short content for  YouTube. For example:

  • Preparing for an Audit
  • Cultural Differences
  • English Necessities for the Office

You can also contact me for a customized training video for your company. You can find a list of training videos I produced here.

Presenting Techniques for international audiences

Presenting or pitching to a foreign audience? Maybe not so easy, if you want to be as professional as you might be when presenting to an  English speaking audience. Foreign audiences might not understand everything the way you plan, cultural differences have more impact than you might imagine. This seminar prepares you for international audiences.

Presenting techniques seminar
  • Media design
  • Figures and charts
  • Structure
  • Language aspects: Target your language towards an audience who might not be fluent in English
  • Dealing with questions and comments

Acting with Confidence

Be convincing & compelling when you speak

Two experts - one seminar. An obvious collaboration:  Present and act Professionally, show confidence and communicate positively with your body language and your verbal expressions, even in difficult Situations.

Acting with Confidence
Stephanie Trapp, Actress & Coach
Selbstbewusst im Job, überzeugend auftreten, selbstbewusst auftreten
Kyra Huismann, Language Coach

Enjoy a lively workshop that will change your performance. Actress and coach Stephanie Trapp and Language Coach Kyra Huismann combine presentation- and communication techniques, body language and acting theory in a unique workshop that will leave you inspired and motivated.

Confidence Workshop
Deliver your absolute best!

Especially at work, our “personal performance” plays a decisive role.  Not only does the professional and visual content count, our body language and interaction with the audience also play a big role. This workshop is your chance to shape the success of our performance, because the way you present your topic, how you move, how you deal with being nervous or how you deal with tricky questions and attacks – all this is a part of what you communicate.  This is true for every situation where you are the “center of attention”, especially when you have to speak in a foreign language.

• Presentations / speeches

• Host meetings, at home and abroad (cultural differences)

• Dealing with interruptions and verbal attacks

• Dealing with (potential) conflicts

• Managing an audience

• International audits

• Assessment center

• Pitching projects

Business English Workshops

  • Presenting Techniques
  • On the Phone
  • Email
  • Job Interview
  • English for Receptionists
  • English for Meetings
  • English for Trade Fairs
  • Hosting international Visitors

Communication Training

  • Intercultural communication
  • Communication structures in companies