Professional Translations

German-English & English-German

Google is actually quite good at translating by now! If you just need to understand a text, Google translator will probably have you covered. But whenever a text needs accuracy, creative input or is generally meant to reflect your company, a professional translator is needed. This is where people like me, who (at the moment) are still better than online translators, come in:

  • Expertise in a field (do not trust translators who translate "everything")
  • Experience
  • A feeling for clients' specific expressions
  • Cultural context
  • Bilingual international contracts
  • International audits
  • Localized marketing

Brand consistency or liability issues in contracts may also be critical for companies.


I can accept your texts via email and translate them fast and we can meet online via Zoom, Skype, Webex or Teams to discuss everything in person.

My service might be a bit more expensive, but pricing is always fair and you will get a translation that really fits your message.

  • I think while reading your source text and indicate e.g. typos.
  • I can work with (nearly) all file formats.
  • For international meeting you will get documents with 2 columns, so that everyone can easily read along.
  •  Terminology database for consistency which I can share with you.
  • Legal text will get an accurate translation with comments on applicability abroad.
  • Marketing texts will be "transcreated", i.e re-created to fit the target market
English to German
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Areas of expertise and industries

Legal (Corporate contracts)

Audits & QM

Work Safety
Financial Controlling

Project Management


Managing documents

Creative Marketing texts

Websites, leaflets

Bilingual Excel templates

Human Resources

Subtitling YouTube Videos



Dairy / Food Industry


Hospitality & Catering


Textile & Clothing


Wholesale & Retail

Localization is much more than the actual translation of the text:

  • Cultural references (e.g. EastEnders, Fairy Liquid)
  • Idioms & proverbs
  • Number formats: million, billion, 1.000 vs 1,000 
  • Measurements/Currency, date, time and number formats
  • Formality and directness: a casual or speculative text should not sound authorative or factual when translated
  • Space: English generally needs less space than German (important for page layout)
  • Definitions / regulations may differ from country to country
  • Effective slogans that work abroad
  • Knowing which words in a language have a negative connotation
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimizing): Adapt keywords
  • Adapt visuals and color choice to target audience

"Words travel worlds. Translators do the driving."

"Worte reisen um die Welt. Übersetzer sind die Piloten "

 Anna Rusconi, , Translator