Professional translations German-English & English-German

Google is actually quite good at translating by now! If you just need to understand a text, Google translator will probably have you covered. But whenever a text needs accuracy, creative input or is generally meant to reflect your company, a professional translator is needed. This is where people like me, who (at the moment) are still better than online translators, come in:

  • Expertise in a field (do not trust translators who translate "everything")
  • Experience
  • A feeling for clients' specific expressions
  • Cultural context

Brand consistency or liability issues in contracts may also be critical for companies.


I can accept your texts via email and translate them fast or, for a personal meeting, I am located in Oldenburg, German.

Übersetzer Oldenburg, Übersetzer Ammerland, Übersetzer Vertrag Englisch

Areas of expertise and industries

Legal (Corporate contracts)

Audits & QM
Financial Controlling

Project Management


Managing documents

Creative Marketing texts

Websites, leaflets

Bilingual Excel templates

Human Resources

Subtitling YouTube Videos



Dairy / Food Industry


Hospitality & Catering


Textile & Clothing


Wholesale & Retail

Get a bilingual version of your international contracts

Prepare your documents for international audits

If your want your website to stand out abroad, localize it!

Localization is much more than the actual translation of the text:

  • Cultural references (e.g. EastEnders, Fairy Liquid)
  • Idioms & proverbs
  • Number formats: million, billion, 1.000 vs 1,000 
  • Measurements/Currency, date, time and number formats
  • Formality and directness: a casual or speculative text should not sound authorative or factual when translated
  • Space: English generally needs less space than German (important for page layout)
  • Definitions / regulations may differ from country to country
  • Effective slogans that work abroad
  • Knowing which words in a language have a negative connotation
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimizing): Adapt keywords
  • Adapt visuals and color choice to target audience

A good translation will get your money's worth

"Words travel worlds. Translators do the driving."

"Worte reisen um die Welt. Übersetzer sind die Piloten "

 Anna Rusconi, , Translator