Communicate professionally with Excel

Communicating with Excel can be tricky and in most cases professionalised. I am using Excel for all my admin-jobs: Planning projects with Gantt, placement tests, feedback evaluation, financial dashboard, accounting ... and by now I speak "Excellian" fluently.


Excel is wonderfully diverse and flexible and by commbining my expertise and my creativity I have developed great spreadsheets.


I have supported many clients with their Excel-Problems: Error-tracking or generally improving the spreadsheet or have organised small workshops for specific problems.


99% of all spreadsheeets can be improved.


  • Formular/Fuction errors (not always visible at first sight!)
  • Excel form doesn't work properly
  • Error tracking is hardly or not at all prossible
  • Charts don't look professional
  • Charts don't update automatically
  • Entering data takes too long
  • Double entries
  • Problems when exporting data

I love working with Excel! Ever since I was introduced to that programme back in the 80s at Derby College I have come to appreciate it more and more. i run my financial controlling, including reports and charts with it, plan courses (Gantt chart), calculate grades for my students, compare results, analyze placement tests or feedbacks, maintain my terminology databases, show others how to improve their workboods easily, anything, really. Excel has improved my productivity immensely!


It is such a powerful programme, it can do anything, literally. The limit is only the user. Can you calculate star orbits? Then you can programme Excel to show you the stars at night at your location. If you know how your reporting works, you can quickly learn how Excel can help you. If you know how to calculate grades, you can use Excel to do it faster. And being the creative person that I am has helped a lot as well. Not only in finding a solution ( I wonder if Excel can do this), but also in creating customized and efficient workbooks for others or finding errors in extensive linked workbooks. It's always challenging, in the end always simple!

Charts with Excel - Free Downloads

Presenting Charts in English
The presentation from the workshop "Presenting Charts in English". Details on vocabulary, phrases and chart types.
Kyracom EXPLAINING CHARTS to go.ppsx
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 1.2 MB
Excel Charts
The Basics about creating charts with Excel. Includes different types of charts, dynamic charts and explanations for some tricky funtions.
Kyracom EXCEL CHARTS.xlsx
Microsoft Excel Tabelle 522.6 KB

Free calendar with automatic new year update

Excel Calendar
Automatic year update
Bank holidays (Germany, Lower Saxony) are highlighted
Kyracom Kalender.xlsx
Microsoft Excel Tabelle 177.4 KB

Please note that the file has been virus-checked but Kyracom cannot assume responsibility or liabiliy when downloading to your PC. This Spreadsheet has been made available for reference use and the intellectual property lies with Kyracom, Sabine Huismann. It may be used only for non-commercial purposes. To use it commercially an explicit written approval by Kyracom, Sabine Huismann is required. Such approval does not constiture third party liabiliy. This spreadsheet was checked by an anti-virus programme prior to uploading and Kyracom, Sabine Huismann, assumes no responsibility or liability for this spreadsheet.

Dynamic diagrams
Dynamic diagrams

 "Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering."

 Software ist die gelungene Mischung aus Kreativiät und Technik.


Bill Gates, born 1955, American businessman

Bill Gates, geboren 1955, Amerikanischer Geschäftsmann



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