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Business English
Kyra Huismann

When your job takes you abroad you have to deal with languages.


That's what I do. Communication and languages are my passion. I used to live in England (now I live and work in the beautiful Ammerland region in Germany), think, feel and speak two languages and have turned my passion into my career. My services cover a range of language-related topics needed for international business:


  • Translations
  • Language Coaching for Business
  • Intercultural communication
  • Communication and body language in difficult situations

If you have to address your communication skills professionally, speak, write, present, negotiate or represent in English - or German - I can support you to do that as professionally as you would in your mother tongue.


This year has seen a global shift to virtual meetings and training - and I am adapting my services for you: Everything we did in-company, we can now do online: Webinars, Zoom/Skype online classes & communication coaching.