Your translations taken care of!

You work in an international field? And have to produce texts or communicate in German? I can help you do this as professional as in your own language. I take care of all your texts.


My working fields:

Management, Business contracts, Audits & QM, HR, IT, Work Safety, handling, structuring and coordinating complex projects, esp. where Excel is involved

Localisation & Marketing, creative, nuanced, natural & cultural content


In our global world communication still plays a central role and even though a lot of communication now is visual, speaking effectively is still very important. And wherever this is done professionally (negotiating, presenting, writing contracts or on the phone) things become rather difficult when two people don't speak the same language or cultural differences complicate matters. Unfortunately, google translator or dictionaries can only help to a certain extend and this is exactly where I can support you, give ideas and help with hands-on knowledge:


  • Professional, natural and, if needed, creative translations
  • Support with your international projects like changing all your documents to bilingual documents, manage documents, international audits, international communication in multilanguage teams.
  • Communication in English/German: Language, cultural differences, acting with confidence
  • Support for international projects: Communication, organisation, exchanging information
  • Software for communication information: Excel reports, analysis and error tracking


My qualifications as translator and language coach (Business English / Business German):


  • German and English fluent, abroad experience and apart from industry terminology I am very creative when it comes to transferring marketing texts
  • Professional experience: Financial Controlling, Excel, Project Management, Internal Organisation, contracts
  • Education: Business Admin degree, Computer Studies, Foreign Language Correspondent and courses in Teamcoaching methods, conflict solution in team and Project Management Methods
  • 20 years experience as translator, Business English Instructor and with workshops for Project Management and Presenting Techniques
  • Creativity and passion for new challenges and your projects


I have worked in these industries:




Hospitality & Catering


Textile & Clothing





Deutschunterricht Oldenburg
German classes Oldenburg

"Creativity is Intelligence having Fun"

Kreativität ist Intelligenz, die Spaß hat"


Albert Einstein, 1879-1955, German physicist

Albert Einstein, 1879-1955, deutscher Physiker



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“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”
"Das Gehirn ist nicht nur ein Gefäß, das gefüllt werden muss, sondern ein Feuer, das gezündet werden will."