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Coaching will help you to prepare for specific situations. Customized, flexible and super effective.


I started out as teacher, but quickly found the books too theoretical for my clients; they needed more real context for their jobs. I then developed and taught Business English classes for companies and universities. Today, I support executives in developing language as part of their range of communication skills to fully utilize their competences: expertise, rhetorical skills, soft skills, expressions, cultural competence, public speeches, dealing with being nervous in difficult situations.

What differentiates a coach?

  • Lessons: Vocabulary and grammar (often with books) - teacher
  • Training/Course: Practice language, can be topic related - trainer
  • Coaching: Develop language and communication skills for your field - coach
  • Sparrings Partner: Train, practice, discuss specific situations and work on new challenges on a par with a language coach.

Situations, where you might need a coach

  • Preparing for a business trip
  • Negotiating
  • Job application
  • Audits
  • Speeches, public events
  • In-company: English at work
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